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A Battlefleet comprises the vessels responsible for protecting a sector of the Imperium. A battlefleet is commanded by a Lord Admiral and is the largest operational naval organisation, usually consisting of between 50 and 75 ships of varying size. Depending on the importance or enemy threat level of a sector this number may be more or less.[1]


A battlefleet is made up of destroyers, frigates, cruisers, and battleships, as well as countless small vessels such as transports, shuttles, messenger craft and long-range patrol craft. In addition there will also be numerous non-warp travel ships such as system patrol ships and defense monitors. These are all backed up by stationary defenses such as space stations, orbital defense platforms, orbital mines, and ground-based defense lasers and missile silos.[1]

A battlefleet's roles include routine patrols, protecting merchant shipping from pirates and alien attack, transporting and escorting Imperial Guard, giving orbital support for planetary armies and providing vessels for exploration fleets.[1]

Each battlefleet is divided down into a number of Battlegroups. The majority of battlegroups are not permanent but are assembled to perform particular functions along the lines of task forces, convey escorts or patrol flotillas.[1]

Battlefleets are usually named after the sector they protect, but are sometimes named after the Sector Naval Base from which they are based - for example Battlefleet Bakka.[6]

Other Uses of "Battlefleet"

"Battlefleet" is also sometimes used as a generic terms to include naval forces from any of the five Imperial Segmentums. These are Battlefleet Solar[2], Battlefleet Obscurus[3], 'Battlefleet Ultima[4], Battlefleet Tempestus[5], and Battlefleet Pacificus.

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