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Battlefleet Bakka

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Battlefleet Bakka is an Imperial Navy Battlefleet based out of Bakka, the Segmentum Fortress for Segmentum Tempestus. The largest naval base closest to Macragge, it played a key role in defending Ultramar during the Battle for Macragge.[1]


In M36, a group of Tempestus tacticians dubbed the Gareox Prerogative came to prominence. This school proposed a complete change to the fleets doctrine of attack craft-based carriers which had proved very effective against pirate squadrons.Eventually gaining enough political control to influence ship designs. The result were attack craft-based carrier-warships such as the ill-fated Despoiler Class Battleship. This action eventually brought them into conflict with more traditional naval officers on Bakka, eventually leading to an all-out civil war dubbed the Gareox Incident.

Later, Battlefleet Bakka engaged in perhaps its most famous battle in history during the First Tyrannic War where their forces arrived in time to aid Macragge against Tyranid invasion. At the climax of the invasion, Admiral Zaccarius Rath sacrificed his Emperor Class Battleship Dominus Astra to destroy the orbiting Tyranid fleet of Bio Ships.[2]

Notable Ships

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