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The Bellus was a battle barge in service to the Blood Angels chapter.


In late M41, the Bellus embarked on an expedition, under the command of Brother-Captain Ideon, into Ork space to search for the Spear of Telesto[3], at the suggestion of Inquisitor Ramius Stele. Other members of the expedition included Sanguinary Priest Sachiel and Battle Brother Arkio. The Bellus returned to Imperial space bearing the Spear, and met with another Blood Angels force on Cybele.[1a]

Ideon and the Bellus crew eventually swore fealty to Arkio, after his emergence as Arkio the Blessed, and opened fire on the strike vessel Amareo, destroying it completely.[2a]

The Bellus was destroyed in orbit over Sabien during a three-way naval duel with the Battle Barge Europae and the Chaos cruiser Misericorde.[2b][3]

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