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Cadian 39th

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Uniform Basic Data
Cadian 39th at Fellguard.png
- Cadian 39th -
Homeworld: Cadia
Regiment Type: Mixed infantry and artillery[1]

The Cadian 39th, also known as the 'Glorious' Cadian 39th,[4] is a Cadian Shock Troopers regiment with a distinguished history.[1] It is the second unit of that name, succeeding a regiment which had gone renegade.[2a]


After the original Cadian 39th turned traitor and was destroyed in late M41,[2a] a new regiment of the same name was raised. This unit quickly distinguished itself under the capable command of Castellan Blakov.[3][4] Even though the unit witnessed daemons during the Fellguard Incident on Kelthorn, the Inquisition judged the survivors non-corrupted; Inquisitorial clerk Menshon Lytle consequently recommended that the unit should not be liquidated. Instead, the Cadian 39th would swear an oath of silence and be posted to the most lethal warzones possible.[3] Even though this move was designed to ultimately eliminate all survivors in the long term,[3] the unit was still active by early M42,[4] thus having endured beyond the destruction of Cadia.[5]

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