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Escort Drone

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Escort Drone

Tyranid Escort Drones are heavily armed (albeit slow and ungainly) Destroyer-class[3] Escorts that serve as the last line of defense for a fleet's Hive Ships. As such, they can usually be found clustering around the flanks of those massive Bio-ships.[1]

Type of Escort Drones

Strangler Drone

Strangler Drone

Equipped with Feeder Tentacles.[3]

Caustic Drone

Caustic Drone

Equipped with Pyro-Acid Batteries.[3]

Bio-Plasma Drone

Bio-Plasma Drone

Equipped with Bio-Plasma batteries.[3]


War Drones[1]

Wardrones are designed solely to fight and protect the Norn-Queen and the Hiveship. They are dependent entirely on the influence of the Hive Mind in order to operate. Wardrones vary heavily in size and shape, and usually fight in swarms, using weight of numbers to perform their tasks.[2]

Stalker Drones

Stalker Drone

Stalker Drones are smaller defence ships which dart around the Hiveship, reacting immediately and frenziedly to anything that threatens it.[1]

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