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Kraken (Bio-Ship)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the species of bio-ship. For other uses of Kraken, see Kraken (disambiguation).

Kraken are a species of Frigate-equivalent[4] Tyranid Bio-ships that act as scout vessels for a Hive Fleet[1] and also as escorts for Tyranid Hive Ships.[2] The species is named after Hive Fleet Kraken, the Fleet in which they were first encountered and documented by the Imperium.[2a]

Kraken are often in giant swarms accompanying Hive Ships, and Hive Ships have been known to give birth to more Kraken when engaged in battle. Kraken pose no direct threat to planets as the species is entirely space born. However they will viciously attack space stations, shuttles, military vessels, and the like.[1][2a]


Several species of Kraken are known to exist.

Strangler Kraken

Strangler Kraken

Equipped with Feeder Tentacles.[4]

Clutch Kraken

Clutch Kraken

Equipped with Massive Claws.[4]

Bio-Projectile Kraken

Bio-Projectile Kraken

Equipped with Bio-Torpedoes.[4]

Corrosive Kraken

Corrosive Kraken

Equipped with a Pyro-Acid Battery.[4]


Ramsmiter Kraken[3]

A Ramsmiter is the most common species of Kraken. It has a hook-like proboscis it uses to pierce the armoured hulls of enemy ships and then suck out all the digestible material inside while simultaneously vomiting broods of Genestealers and Hormagaunts into the vessel.[1]


Doomripper Kraken[3]

A Doomripper binds to a prey vessel with its giant maw and dozens of writhing tentacles. Once attached to a prey, a Doomripper will die rather than let go. It becomes a desperate race against time for the prey vessel as they must kill the creature before their own hull is crushed and their innards are feasted on by the Doomripper.[1]


Hellblaster Kraken[3]

A Hellblaster is the rarest of all Kraken species. It is designed to make contact with the hull or shields on an enemy vessel and then discharge a massive amount of electronic energy, overloading the ships systems and weakening it beyond repair [1], or alternatively deliver a massive build-up of acid at short range.[Needs Citation] They are largely made up of a huge shielded carapace, making them virtually unstoppable when attacking an enemy vessel. Parts which are not made up of hard carapace are almost entirely comprised of immense acid sacs and titanic firing chambers.[Needs Citation]


Deathburner Kraken[3]

A Deathburner is armed with a huge acidic projectile launcher.[2b]


Nothing more is known about this species at this time.[2b]

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