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Hive Crone

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Hive Crone

The Hive Crone is a species of flying Tyranid.


Hive Crones are used to establish air superiority over worlds targeted by the Hive Mind. It is a creature perfectly adapted to aerial combat, able to wrestle enemy aircraft out of the skies. This is accomplished thanks to the living missiles known as Tentaclids which attach themselves to its wings.[1][2] Once the skies have been cleared of hostile forces, Hive Crones will soften up ground targets with its Drool Cannon, splashing its prey in acidic digestive fluids. But even without these impressive weapons a Hive Crone is still deadly, as it is able to fly close enough to its quarry to tear them asunder with its bladed spurs on its underside. Before reaching a target planet, Hive Crones also protect Bio-Ships in space from enemy fleets. Here they fly along enemy vessels, ripping open their hulls to expose them to the cold vacuum.[3]

Hive Crones are bred with the same basic components as the Harpy, but are nonetheless markedly different due to their set of dorsal chimneys which emit a cloud of toxic gas. In addition, the Hive Crone has bulging sacs on its underbelly which carry the acidic bile for the creature's drool cannon.[2]

Hive Crones often use flocks of Gargoyles to screen their attacks against enemy aircraft, dropping out at the last moment to fall upon their prey in one decisive strike. At the Battle of St. Mere-Salias, several wings of Valkyries were lost when the Hive Mind employed such tactics. The Hive Crone that came to be known as Bloodwing was responsible for no less than thirteen confirmed kills during this engagement, each marked by a precision thrust of its wing-tip through the cockpit of an Imperial fighter, impaling the pilot through his flight chair. These distinctive tactics have led to several Aeronautica Imperialis training facilities seeking out veteran pilots of the Tyrannic Wars to better tutor their pilots in combating these biological horrors. Unfortunately for the Imperium, such surviving experts are few and far between.[4]


Hive Crone


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