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Tyranid Cruiser

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The term "Tyranid Cruiser" refers to the various immature Tyranid Hive Ships and overgrown Escort Drones that are roughly equivalent to Cruisers in size.[1]


Tyranid Cruisers are arguably the largest threat in a Hive fleet due to their significant armament and the fact that they are not Synapse creatures. This combination of deadliness and relative expendability allows them to be extremely aggressive, racing out to meet opposing craft before smashing them to pieces with everything from ship-melting Pyro-acid batteries to gigantic, hull-crushing claws. Though they are largely only effective at the shortest of ranges, their numbers and ferocity make them a force to be reckoned with. When not ripping enemy ships to pieces, Tyranid Cruisers are usually found close to their fleet's Hive Ships, and it is believed that this is due to the Cruisers receiving their nourishment from the larger craft.[1]

Types of Tyranid Cruisers

Devourer Cruiser

Devourer Cruiser

The Devourer Class Cruiser is a class of Bio-Ship roughly comparable to a Battlecruiser or Heavy Cruiser. They are substantially larger than their Razorfiend cousins.[Needs Citation]


Razorfiend Cruiser

Razorfiends are large cruisers that are aggressive in their attacks, storming out from the hive fleet in response to any threat to the massive hive ships, often using claws and tentacles to make direct attacks on ships in an effort to physically smash them to pieces. Cruiser-sized Tyranid bioships are seldom found far from the hive ship, however, and it has been theorised that they receive their nourishment from them in some manner.[2]

Void Prowler

Void Prowler

Light Cruiser equivalents of the Tyranid Fleet.[3]

Dark Prowler

Dark Prowler[1]

The Dark Prowler is a manta-shaped creature with leathery thick wings attached to a central cavity. The ship's central cavity contains two powerful acid-firing chambers, and hull-grinders line its wings.

Void Fiend

Void Fiend[1]

The Void Fiend fulfills the role of a naval cruiser. Its body resembles a sort of long organic spike, with digestive tubes and firing chambers running along its sleek body.

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