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Cryptaesthesian are a class of secretive Astropath within the Adeptus Astra Telepathica that lived in the Whispering Tower on Terra by the time of the Great Crusade. Few are known to visit them without good reason and it is considered foolish to seek them out. Various rumours surrounded them that spoke of their ability to take secrets from the darkest parts of a person's psyche, brainwash them into any act imaginable and even read the minds of the dead. However, none outside this group truly knew how they operate though some suspected that they assessed the messages coming to the City of Sight to ensure they bore no warp contamination and looked to the psychic defences of the city.[1]

It is known that anyone that invites a cryptaesthesians into their mind's internal architecture leads to it being forever altered, with a person's darkest secret parts being laid bare for scrutiny with nothing being hidden from these astropaths. Some astropaths that have been questioned by them are known to had been sent to the hollow mountain.[1]

Known Cryptaesthesians