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Cyrion was a member of the Night Lords. By late M41 he was under the warband of The Exalted and later Talos. A Psyker who is among the few friendly to Talos, known as "The Soul Hunter", Cyrion himself was universally hated for his own psychic abilities. This "curse" had caused him to age noticeably, something rare among the Adeptus Astartes.[1] Cyrion backed Talos during his struggle with The Exalted, and later following his death against the Red Corsairs was a leading commander under Talos. Later on Tsagualsa in battles against the Eldar, Cyrion was confronted in private by fellow Battle-Brother Uzas, long considered a mindless killer who has succumb to Khorne and had gotten into trouble with Talos for randomly murdering ship members. There, Uzas revealed that he knew that it had been Cyrion who had done many of the murders, framing Uzas in the process. To keep the truth hidden, Cyrion attacked him, but Uzas blocked the attack and soon gained the upperhand. Right before he was about to kill Cyrion, Talos stabbed Uzas in the back with his power sword killing him. Cyrion thanked Talos and claimed that a crazed Uzas had attempted to murder him from behind. However Cyrion would later die after being impaled upon the gigantic throwing star of the Phoenix Lord Jain Zar.[2]