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Eiladar Ys

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Eiladar Ys is a Lugganath Farseer, who served in the Black Library's Black Council, which is composed of the Eldar's most powerful Farseers. During the 13th Black Crusade, the Black Council convened to determine High Inquisitor Czevak's fate, after he was rescued from clutches of the Sorcerer Ahriman and then imprisoned within the Black Library. Though he was not currently sitting on the Council, due to fighting the forces of the Black Crusade, the Farseer Eldrad Ulthran said the Inquisitor should be put to death for the Eldar's safety; as Ahriman was able to breech a part of the Webway, due to the secrets he pulled from Czevak's mind. Such was Eldrad's pull on the Council that its Farseers would have eventually done as he asked, had the High Inquisitor not escaped from the Black Library and then disappeared within the Webway.[1]