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Lugganath (or Light of the Fallen Sun in Eldar Lexicon) is an Eldar Craftworld. It has ties with the Harlequins, for the Lugganath Eldar hope to abandon this galaxy and start a new civilization within the webway. They are perceived as little better then Corsairs by most other Craftworlds due to their tendency to host Corsair fleets and close ties to the Harlequins.[7]

Typical Warrior Basic Data Rune Symbol
Lugganath.jpg Name Lugganath Lugganath Rune.png
Meaning Light of Fallen Suns[1]
Current location Ultima Segmentum[1]
Main colours Fiery orange with black helmets and yellow faceplates
Reputation Renegades and Corsairs
Main enemy Chaos
Craftworld Lugganath, The Light Of Fallen Suns

Lugganath's symbol is the Black Sun, a reference to the lost glory of the original Eldar Empire star systems. It is said that if a viewer were to look far enough into the void he would see the last light of those dead stars — a metaphor that the Eldar of Lugganath find fitting.[7]


When Lugganath was ravaged by the disease known as the Brittle Coma, its Farseers looked into the realm of Nurgle in the Warp to attempt to find the captive Isha and also end the deadly plague. They knew that they would certainly die in the attempt, but believed their souls would be drawn into their Spirit Stones upon death. At first, their astrally projected forms were able to penetrate into the Garden of Nurgle, but as they gazed upon the manse of Nurgle in the distance they were beset on all sides by hordes of Plaguebearers. The battle raged for days, devastating the garden. However, in the material world, the physical forms of the Seers began to shake and convulse, succumbing to the very plague they hoped to overcome. The souls of the Seers were eventually claimed by the Immaterium, sucked into Nurgle's realm and forced to transform into wailing trees that bare Nurgling-fruit.[6]

In mid-M34, Lugganath was victim to a major attack by the Emperor's Children in a plot engineered by the Harlequins of Sylandri Veilwalker who stated that it would prevent greater deaths in the future. Though Lugganath was devastated in the attack, it was ultimately able to defeat the Emperor's Children invasion.[11]

The Lugganath Craftworld is known to have been active in the western quadrant of the Segmentum Obscurus.[2] In 801.M41, forces from Lugganath attacked the stronghold of the Steel Hearts and destroyed the Chaos Renegade Chapter in its entirety. Later, in 805.M41, forces from Lugganath aided in stymieing a Daemonic incursion on Cathox Prime and also in suppressing a Chaos Cultist uprising on Cathox Gamma.[3] In 764.M34, Lugganath came under vicious attack from a psychically-shielded fleet of the Emperor's Children.[5]

In 421.M41, the Craftworld's inner council was massacred by Steel Fang.[8]

Lugganath is home to the Fir Iolarion Titan clan.[9][10]

Notable Individuals