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Esha Ani Mohana

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Esha Ani Mohana was a Princeps of the Legio Solaria during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, commanding the Reaver Titan Domine Ex Venari.

A devout follower of Solaria Great Mother Mohana Mankata VI, Esha nonetheless became romantically involved with Legio Vulpa Princeps Terent Harrtek during the Great Crusade. Esha became pregnant, but during the compliance on became disgusted with Haartek and the Legio Vulpa after they killed large numbers of civilians.[1a] Esha gave birth to a daughter Abhani Lus Mohana shortly after, but lied to Harrtek and told him that she had given birth to a son who as per Solaria tradition was trained as a Tech-Priest instead of serving as a Titan crewman.[1b]

Later during the Horus Heresy, Esha commanded a Titan Maniple during the Battle of Beta-Garmon. During the battle on Beta-Garmon III she encountered Harrtek and his Warlord Titan Nuntio Dolores, now hideously transformed due to Daemonic corruption. Esha engaged in a desperate battle with Harrtek, and would have been slain had her daughter and Princeps of the Reaver Titan Cursor Ferro not slammed into the Nuntio Dolores, sending them both over a cliff. Esha was nearly killed in the slaughter of loyalist forces on Beta-Garmon III, narrowly escaping the Domine Ex Venari via escape pod. Wounded, her shattered pod saw the form of Horus inspecting the battlefield in the aftermath of the traitor victory. However shortly after, she was recovered by fleeing loyalist forces and returned to the Legio Solaria. Having seen Horus collapse due to the wounds he had sustained in an earlier campaign, upon being recovered Esha proclaimed with joy that the Warmaster had fallen.[1b]

Later during the Siege of Terra Esha relayed what she had seen to the loyalist Fabricator-General, Zagreus Kane who in turn relayed the information to Sanguinius.[2] Piloting the Warlord Titan Luxor Invictoria, she commanded the remainder of the Solaria during the battle for the Mercury-Exultant Kill-zone.[3]