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Abhani Lus Mohana

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Abhani Lus Mohana was a Princep of Legio Solaria, during the Horus Heresy and commanded the Bestia Est in the Battle for Terra.[1]

She was born during the Great Crusade, after a romantic liaison Abhani's Mother, the Princep Esha Ani Mohana, had with the Legio Vulpa Princep Terent Harrtek. Their romance ended, however, when Esha became disgusted with Haartek and the Legio Vulpa, after they killed large numbers of civilians, during a Compliance both Legios took part in[2a]. By then Esha was pregnant with Abhani, but when she gave birth, Esha lied to Harrtek and told him that she had given birth to a son. Per Legio Solaria's tradition, a son was to be trained as a Tech-Priest, instead of serving as an Imperial Titan crewman. With the deception believed by Harrtek, Esha raised Abhani to become a member of Soleria and she later took part in the battles of the Horus Heresy. The Battle of Beta-Garmon would be prove to be disastrous, however, as Abhani's Grandmother and Soaria's Grand Master Mohana Mankata VI, was killed, while Abhani's Mother, Esha, was seriously wounded. Both the Legio and the Imperium's Loyalists' took heavy losses in their defeat, but Esha took command of Soleria's remnants, as the survivors retreated to Terra[2b]. When the Battle for Terra later began, Abhani had been given the rank of Princep and had command of the Titan Bestia Est.[1]

Abhani took part in the Siege of Terra under Esha Ani Mohana Vi. During the battle for the Mercury-Exultant Killzone Abhani led Solaria forces alongside House Vyronii Knights.[3]