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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Fedrid Fedrid.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis Sector
Subsector: Markayn Marches
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Feral World[1], Death World[2]
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Fedrid is an Imperial Feral World, its thick forests are so dense and so teeming with dangerous carnivores that access is forbidden without a license. Fedrid is a particular favourite of game hunters and those individuals procuring animals for the Imperial arenas.[1]

Native Flora and Fauna

The forest world of Fedrid holds the dubious distinction of having a huge population of large predators, making the beasts of that world particularly fierce and perpetually hungry. The Imperium's big game hunters, who have to be licensed to legally hunt on Fedrid, are generally capable of spending days discussing which beast the 'Hunter's Paradise' has thrown up is the most dangerous without coming to an agreement. On one point, however, all agree without question: the Fedridian Althak, while not the most dangerous, is surely the most vicious creature on the entire planet.[1]

The Althak is a ferocious mammalian quadruped with a form and temperament resembling a bizarre blending of a terrestrial wolverine with a crocodile. Althaks aggressively patrol an area about their den stretching for a two-kilometre radius. They attack anything and everything they can reach within their chosen territory, ripping apart any creatures they find and leaving scattered carcasses about on the rare occasions when they aren't hungry. Althak urine has a deeply pungent smell that serves as the sole warning to any living thing that dares to enter their territory. Hunters have discovered that a light coating of Althak's urine will keep the majority of Fedridian predators at bay; even the largest predators would sooner avoid an Althak then tangle with one. Indeed, Althak urine has been reported to be effective as a predator deterrent on every planet on which it has been used. However, the extreme potency of the Althak's discharge, along with the great danger involved in collecting it, makes it both an expensive and rarely used substance.[1]

Other known dangerous animals of the planet include the sabre cats and blood wolves.[2]

Principle Exports

  • The Fedridian Arboreal Transport — Technically a walker class vehicle redesigned almost beyond recognition. The odd vehicle, with its low-slung body and six massive grasping limbs, reminds viewers of a crustacean, hence its most commonly used nickname, the Tree Crab. Tree Crabs are quite capable of carrying a dozen man hunting party and several tonnes of gear near the tops of the great trees of Fedrid, high above the forest floor where the bulk of the predators roam.[1]
  • Fedrid Razor Disc — Developed by the hunters of Fedrid the throwing disc is little more than a razor edged disc, about the size of a standard plate, which can be thrown with surprising accuracy. When thrown the disk makes a low humming sound, allowing the hunter to follow the disc by sound as it disappears into the dense Fedrid undergrowth.[1]
  • Fedrid Smoke Flares — Fedrid smoke flares are made from hollowed out spines of cactus-like plants. They are then filled with a cotton-like sub-stance, that, when lit gives off a high yield of thick black, acrid smoke over an area of up to 40 metres.[1]
  • Fedrid Braid Cloak — The hunters of Fedrid rarely go tracking without wearing a braid cloak. The cloak is made from the tough hide of a large herbivorous creature.[1]

Additional Info

  • Galactic Position — 122/93/CS/E [1]
  • Contact With other Worlds — There is a stable warp tunnel between Fedrid and Sepheris Secundus, with whom most of the planet's trade agreements are made.[1]

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