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Feydor Ankhalas

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Feydor Ankhalas is the Brotherhood Champion of the Grey Knight Chapter's Eighth Brotherhood.[1]

During his service to the Chapter he led a boarding attack on a Frigate infested by the Nurgle Daemon Prince Offalrott and his Daemon hordes. The Grey Knights fought their way through the numerous Daemons blocking their path to Offalrott, but just as they neared the Daemon Prince disaster struck, as the Frigate began to be sucked into a Warp-tear. Once Ankhalas realized what was happening, he ordered the other Grey Knights to evacuate the Frigate and then went on to defeat Offalrott on his own. Once the last of the Daemon Prince's essence was gone, the Brotherhood Champion managed to escape from the Frigate before it was sucked into the Warp.[1]

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