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Franz Grenzstein

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Franz Grenzstein is a Librarian of the Imperial Fists Chapter. He was killed in combat with Tyranids.[2b]


Librarian Grenzstein is described as "dusky-skinned, "intense and preoccupied" with facial scaring from honor duels.[1] He is also noted to have a tattoo of a "vermilion starburst resembling a lurid birthmark" on his forehead and to wear a monocle in his right eye.[2a]

In addition to the normal duties of a Librarian, Granzstein bears the principal responsibility of keeping the Chapter safe from the forces within the warp. When an Imperial Fists Space Marine comes into contact with enemies that bear the taint of Chaos, he is assigned to help them regain their mental stability, if need be, and to ensure they have not brought the taint with them.[1]


  • "The Chaos Power known as Tzeentch conceives plans to alter history schemes which are altogether too devious and far-flung for any human being to hope to comprehend."[2a]
  • "We of the Librarium must be aware of Chaos. Yet we do not ourselves aim to contend with Chaos, unless compelled to."[2a]
  • 'Don’t confuse gratitude for a serendipitous event with any cloying compassion towards the author of that event..."[2a]
  • "True justice is quite simply the will of the Emperor."[2a]

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