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List of Librarians

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The following is a partial list of Librarians of the Space Marines.

Chapter Name Notes Sources
Alpha Legion Ursinus Echion Heresy-era
Angels Sanguine Ashok Survived attacks by three Zoanthropes. Deathwatch Member Warrior Brood (Novel), [Needs Citation]
Blood Angels
Baphomel Khaemulabro
Mephiston Formerly known as Calistarius and master of the Red Thirst after being trapped under rubble for seven days and nights. Codex: Blood Angels (3rd Edition), [Needs Citation]
Lucius Antros
Anathrus Deathwatch Member
Donatus Gallian
Marest Chief Librarian
Marcello Epistolary
Mkani Kano Heresy-era
Blood Ravens
Jensus Natorian Deathwatch Member
Uriah Kos
Troilus Stranded on Obzidion fighting Nurgle forces while the Imperial Navy prepares to bombard the planet. Obvious Tactics (Graphic Novel), [Needs Citation]
Isador Akios Took part in the original Dawn of War. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
Azariah Vidya Former Master of the Librarium, later Chapter Master. Index Astartes — Blood Ravens
Jonas Urelie Father Librarian, formerly serving on Rahe's Paradise. [Needs Citation]
Venetius Codicier with the 4th company; Kronus campaign Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
Rhamah Librarian serving with the Litany of Fury, Ninth Company. Opened a warp rift for Gabriel Angelos in an attempt to retrieve the last Blade of Vaul. Dawn of War: Ascension
Anteas Epistolary. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
Saribander Epistolary. [Needs Citation]
Azariah Kyras Chief Librarian and Chapter Master simultaneously. Fallen to Chaos, slain by Gabriel Angelos. Dawn of War 2
Carcharodons Te Kahurangi Chief Librarian
Crimson Fists
Eustace Mendoza Chief Librarian
Carrigan Nos
Dark Angels
Elikas Chief Librarian during the Horus Heresy
Bellerophan Heresy-era
Ezekiel Grand Master of the Librarians and lost his left eye fighting against Waaagh! Groblonik. Codex: Dark Angels (3rd Edition), [Needs Citation]
Charon Lexicanum
Israfel Librarian at the time of the discovery of Caliban and the reunification of the Emperor and Lion El'Jonson. Descent of Angels (Novel), [Needs Citation]
Samiel Assisted Boreus in interrogation of fallen Dark Angel Astelan. Angels of Darkness (Novel), [Needs Citation]
Zadkiel Deathwatch Member
Death Spectres Lyandro Karras Deathwatch Member
Del Athyu
Doom Eagles Thryn Librarian Secundus. [Needs Citation]
Malachite Banished the Horned God Imperial Armour Volume Ten pg. 126
Castor Machen
Fire Angels Mathias Dee Chief Librarian
Flesh Tearers
Luciferus Chief Librarian
Scaraban Chief Librarian
Grey Knights
Valdar Aurikon Chief Librarian
Voldus Current Chief Librarian
Gared Killed (expelled) Ku'Gath (Great Unclean One of Nurgle) in 998.M41 Sanctus Reach: Maledictus (Novella) by David Annandale, Chapters Two and Ten
Howling Griffons Mercaeno Defeated daemon prince Periclitor during the 13th Black Crusade but killed by Eumenes of the Soul Drinkers [Needs Citation]
Imperial Fists
Azmachai Chief Librarian
Malandar Osrak Chief Librarian
Franz Grenzstein Dusky-skinned, his face was marked with dueling scars. As a Librarian, he was intense and preoccupied. One of the roles he was devoted to was assisting Marines who had confronted the horrors of Chaos recover their mental stability, and ensuring they had not been corrupted. Killed during a search-and-destroy mission against Tyranids. Space Marine (Novel), [Needs Citation]
Vidos Harn Current Chief Librarian
Iron Hands Lydriik Chief Librarian
Iron Snakes Petrok Unknown. Brothers of the Snake (Novel), [Needs Citation]
Mantis Warriors Shaidan He and Captain Broec killed a Hive Tyrant. Deathwatch Member Warrior Brood (Novel), [Needs Citation]
Night Lords Fel Zharost Chief Librarian during the Horus Heresy
Novamarines Galius Deathwatch Member
Raven Guard
Antaka Cyvaan Heresy-era
Balsar Kurthuri Chief Librarian, Heresy-era
Red Scorpions Sevrin Loth Chief Librarian
Relictors Decario First to wield a daemon weapon and set in motion the crusade for further relics which led the Relictors to have difficulties with the Inquisition. Index Astartes, [Needs Citation]
Revilers Kuran Epistolary/Deathwatch Member
Umojen Chief Librarian during the Horus Heresy
Pyriel Attached to the third company.(deceased) Salamander by Nick Kyme Ch.1
Xarko Attached to the third Company following Pyriels death Rebirth by Nick Kyme
Vel'cona Chief Librarian Codex: Space Marines (5th Edition)
Scythes of the Emperor Tormal Chief Librarian and Chapter Master of the Scythes of the Emperor.[Needs Citation] [Needs Citation]
Silver Skulls
Aerus Vashiro Chief Prognosticator
Sons of Guilliman Hilesto Fabian
Soul Drinkers Sarpedon Mutant. Fought twice for control of the Soul Drinkers and led them into exile. Soul Drinker (Novel), [Needs Citation]
Tyrendian Able to project lightning bolts. Soul Drinker (Novel), [Needs Citation]
Gresk Able to speed the reactions of nearby battle brothers. Soul Drinker (Novel), [Needs Citation]
Scamandar Killed by Sarpedon. Soul Drinker (Novel), [Needs Citation]
Space Wolves
Othere Wyrdmake Horus Heresy-era
Aun Helwintr Heresy-era
Heimdall Wyrdstorm Dreadnought
Hengir Stormhowl Deathwatch Member
Kva Heresy-era
Leif Hemligjaga 13th Great Company
Njal Stormcaller Considered one of the greatest Rune Priests
Ulli Iceclaw Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company member Sanctus Reach: Blood on the Mountain (Novella)

Sanctus Reach: Iceclaw (Audio Drama)

Ulvurul Heoroth Heresy-era
Valtar Skyclaw Deathwatch Member
Bodvar Bjarki Heresy-era
Edrigar Part of the 519th Crusade. Warhammer 40,000 Chapter Approved - The Book of the Astronomican, pg. 23
Tarvald Member of the Thirteenth Company. [Needs Citation]
Valtar Skyclaw Deathwatch Member
Gnaerold Ghostwolf
Storm Wardens Brin Maxen Chief Librarian
Thousand Sons Ahriman Chief Librarian during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy
Dio Promus Chief Librarian during the Horus Heresy
Ptolemy Chief Librarian The Chapter's Due (Novel)
by Graham McNeill,
Chapter Six
Tylos Rubio Codicier recruited by Nathaniel Garro to serve Malcador the Sigillite, after he violated the Decree of Nikaea during the Battle of Calth in order to save his brothers from an overwhelming Word Bearers assault. Garro: Oath of Moment (Audio Book)
Aerigulus M32
Tigurius Chief Librarian and known to have had a vision of the coming of the Tyranids to Macragge. Codex: Space Marines (3rd Edition), [Needs Citation]
Athius Primaris Librarian
Gerrundium Primaris Librarian
Keritraeus Primaris Librarian
Titus Prayto Heresy-era
Vaniel Chief Librarian during the War of the Beast
White Scars
Kaljuk Took part in his Chapter's battle against the Tau of the Vior'la Sept, on the Volghast Codex: Space Marines (7th Edition)The Chronicles of Heroes - The Hunters Hunted
Targutai Yesugei Chief Stormseer during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy
Naranbaatar Chief Stormseer during the later Horus Heresy
Sugedai Deathwatch Member
Sudabeh Present at the Battle of Voltoris
Esca Codicier, Heresy-era
Vorias Heresy-era
Unknown Astraeos Renegade Space Marine

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