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Fugis was an Apothecary attached to the Salamanders' Third Company.


Due to his attachment to the 3rd Company, as part of Captain Kadai, and following his death Captain N'keln's, retinue - the 'Inferno Guard', Fugis was present during the mission to Scoria in response to the deciphered directives of the Tome of Fire.[1a] Following the crash of the Salamanders Strike Cruiser Vulkan's Wrath on Scoria, and the subsequent death of a number of Astartes, during the extraction of the geneseed of deceased Seargeant Naveem, Fugis, still grieving the loss of Kadai prior to the mission, accidentally sheared the gland in half.[1a] Iagon, an insidious and manipulative marine with his eyes set on power, was present during the incident and, in return for Fugis's silence regarding the masochistic, grief-induced branding of Iagons's sergeant Zek Tsu'gan, offered him a pact; if the Apothecary didn't tell Chaplain Elysius about Tsu'gan's masochism, Iagon would not reveal the Apothecary's failure.[1a] Although unwilling to accept the proposal initially, Fugis ultimately acceded to Iagon's proposal after realizing that if it came to light that he had destroyed geneseed, Chaplain Elysius would have had his position as Apothecary revoked and the company needed an Apothecary during the mission if it was to recover the geneseed of any potential fatalities.[1a] On the return to Nocturne, Fugis gave up his position as an Apothecary and requested to go on the trial known as the "Burning Walk". Seen walking off into the desert, wearing naught but a sand cloak and dust scarf and armed only with a Nocturnean hunting rifle and a machete-knife, it was presumed he would never return.[1b] However, return he did, bringing with him news of an ancient crashed ship in the desert.[2a] Furthermore, within the ship, Fugis discovered the means with which to bring about an ancient prophecy, that of the Ferro Ignis or 'Fire Sword'. With this information in hand, Fugis returned to the Chapter to aid Dak'ir in acheiving his apotheosis as the Ferro Ignis.[2b] Following the death of Apothecary Emek, Fugis once again returned to resume his duties as the 3rd Company's Apothecary.[2c]