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Galen (Dreadnought)

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Galen is a Furioso Librarian Dreadnought in the Blood Angels Chapter[1], who holds the rank of Epistolary.[2]

He was part of the Strike Force led by Commander Dante, that took part in the defense of the Hive World Orana during a Chaos invasion. During the invasion, Orana's capital Hive was transformed into a Hellspire, which soon disgorged a horde of Daemons and Chaos Space Marines. No matter how much it was fired upon, the Hellspire repaired itself, but during one such attack Galen sensed the true danger the Hellspire represented. Through the psychic energy released by the Hellspire, the Dreadnought learned that a ritual was being conducted to summon a Daemon Lord atop its upper reaches. Galen quickly informed Commander Dante, who charged the Dreadnought with entering the Hellspire to destroy a reactor, that was powering a void shield protecting its upper reaches.[1]

He entered one of three Stormraven Gunships which took flight and attacked the Hellspire; opening a great rent in its surface, which they flew through, before the wound was healed. Within the Hellspire, Galen led them relentlessly towards the reactor, which the Dreadnought personally destroyed. With the void shield gone, Dante and his Sanguinary Guard descended upon the Hellspire's upper reaches, where Dante banished the Daemon Lord with the Axe Mortalis. With the Daemon Lord's banishment, the Chaos hordes upon the Hive World's surface exploded into mists of blood and the Imperium's fleet destroyed the Hellspire with an orbital bombardment.[1]

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