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Guild (Leagues of Votann)

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Guilds are groups within the Leagues of Votann, that unite all who practice a particular trade within a given region of Kin space. They also exist outside of the bounds of the species' Kindred and Leagues.[1]


Led by Guildmasters, the Guilds have a place for any Kin that makes a living by trade - whether that be by salvaging broken void craft or concocting nutritious liquid rations. However they also set standards, demand tithes and provide accreditation, for their members. While membership to a Guild is voluntary, there is no love lost between Guildkin and freelancers, who regard each other as disreputable and hidebound, respectively.[1]

In theory, the Guilds are not political entities, but instead independent commercial groups, dedicated to ensuring fair competition. In practice, though, smaller Guilds rarely extend beyond a single Kindred, and maintain key positions within their ruling bodies. Guildmasters will typically sit on the Hearthspake – a Kindred's governing council – as civilian representatives, alongside the military commanders of the Kinhosts and the Grimnyr. Guilds also sponsor Oathband Expeditions and the competition between them can become heated, and even draw other species into the crossfire, as Guildmasters jockey for their Expeditions to survey resource rich Systems. Any civilization who already inhabits these hotly-contested worlds are out of luck, as they and the worlds' ecosystems are a much lower priority for a Guildmaster, than beating a rival to the punch.[1]

Despite their fractious natures, however, Guilds are invaluable to the Kin's society. Their accumulated know-how and contacts are what smooth trade and transit between disparate Strongholds, as the Guilds' provide a web of organization and support that runs throughout the Leagues of Votann. From star-mining and gravitic fracking to constructing the far-flung Holds that the Kin call home, every venture is marked by the high standards – and relentless competition – of the Guilds.[1]

Known Guilds