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Imperial 5082nd Naval Wing

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The Imperial 5082nd Naval Wing, also known as the Imperial 5082nd Skyborne[1a] or the 5082nd Naval Skyborne[1b], are a Wing of the Imperial Navy.[1a]


The Fifty-Eighty-Twos, as they are informally known, have a history of participating in joint actions with the Space Marines of the Black Templars Chapter. They have fought alongside the Templars on at least five occasions, including supporting the Dathax and Helsreach Crusades.[1a]


After fighting alongside the Templars in the Dathax Crusade, Marshal Tarrison allowed the 5082nd to emblazon 16 of their Lightnings with the Templars' cross symbol.[1a]


By the end of the Helsreach Crusade, the 5082nd had been reduced to 26 Lightnings and 7 Thunderbolts.[1e]

Known Members

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