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Joros was the Grand Master of the 8th Brotherhood of the Grey Knights at the time of the First War for Armageddon.

During the Months of Shame, he oversaw the massive purge against the Armageddon Steel Legion and surviving civilians of Armageddon in order to erase any possible taint of Chaos on the orders of Inquisitor Lord Ghesmei Kysnaros.[1a] These actions brought the Grey Knights into conflict with the Space Wolves, which both sides eventually agreed to try and solve through negotiations. However when the Space Wolves and Grey Knights fleets arrived to parlay, Joros ordered his ships to fire on the Wolves. Four Space Wolves ships were lost and a fifth crippled, leading Logan Grimnar himself to come aboard the Grey Knights vessel to "surrender" himself as a fugitive of the Imperium. However Grimnar only seemed interested in who ordered the attack on his fleet and thus broke the laws of parlay, at which point Joros confirmed he had ordered the deed himself. This caused Grimnar to strike down the Grand Master with one swift blow of his Power Axe before teleporting away to safety.[1b]