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Kabal of the Onyx Scar

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The Kabal of the Onyx Scar is a Dark Eldar Kabal. In an effort to safeguard their souls from Slaanesh, the Kabal's members all have a ritual scar into which a shard of black stone is implanted.[1b]

Its midnight blue warriors are frequently seen in the Screaming Vortex.[1b] They maintain a presence on Sacgrave, in the ruins of a former pirate empire; hidden away within the subterranean Cadentia Vaults, their enclave houses a Webway Portal.[1d] Though a convenient slaving outpost, the Kabal also hope to locate an ivory chalice which they believe holds the ashes of the revered Dark Muse Ynesth. Finding the Ashes would bring a great boon to the Kabal's standing.[1b]

Notable Members

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