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Kalice Arkady

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Kalice Arkady is a former Astra Militarum Captain of the Follaxian 113th Irregulars, who defected to the Tau Empire.[1]

When she became disillusioned with the Imperium and joined the Tau, Arkady managed to take nearly her entire Company with her. This was a major blow to the morale of Arkady's homeworld and ended a storied military career that saw her earn the Order of the Adamant Tread, the Heart of the Crown on Syndythos and being the bearer of the Crimson Skull. However, Arkady's military experience and personality soon led her rise through the Tau's Gue'vesa' ranks and saw her transferred to the Nem'yar Atoll. Once there, Arkady was stationed aboard the Suu'suamyth orbital shipyard and later became a Gue'vesa'vres, making her the highest ranking Gue'vesa on the shipyard. This allowed her to regularly meet with Suu'suamyth's ruling council, which she saw as a high honour. After a series of sabotage aboard the shipyard led to numerous deaths, Arkady was tasked by the Council to find the culprits. She was chosen, due to her experience and more importantly the fact that the council suspected the saboteurs were Humans. As she was also a trusted member of the Suu'suamyth's population, Arkday's involvement would prevent any tensions that could erupt between the Tau and Gue'vesa aboard the shipyard. She was to be aided, however, by the Water Caste criminal investigator Por'ui Fi'rios Kau'kartyr, which became a novel situation for both of them. They quickly began their investigation, by trying to track down where the culprits had gathered the parts needed for the various sabotages. Arkady sought the aid of one of her former Sergeant Treshom Lan, who owned a mechanical shop on the shipyard. Though Lan later told them he could not remember anyone inquiring for a specific part the two investigators asked for, they both suspected he was lying. After they left, Kau'kartyr revealed he had hidden his drone within Lan's shop and they listened as the former Sergeant met with a secretive group. When the group later spoke of the havoc they had wrought, the two investigators realized they were the saboteurs and stormed Lan's shop with a squadron of Fire Warriors. To their horror, as well as Lan's, the saboteurs were in fact members of a Genestealer Cult. The Cult members attacked and fought ferociously, which forced Arkady and the others to kill them.[1]

Afterwards, Lan was taken into custody and admitted to aiding the saboteurs, in order to strike back at the Tau for their second-class treatment of Humans. Suu'suamyth's ruling council then met with Arkady and Kau'kartyr to congratulate them and told them the investigation was at an end. Both disagreed, however, and stated they discovered the culprits' ringleader had arrived at the shipyard well after the first act of sabotage had occurred. This meant there had to be others involved, but the ruling council was firm in their decision that all the saboteurs were dead. While the investigation was officially ended, both Arkady and Kau'kartyr agreed to continue looking for the other saboteurs. Arkady then stated that, though, the Tau Empire used Kroot to detect the Genestealer taint in Humans, they were not yet able to detect it in other Xenos. This led them to track down, what other non-Humans had transferred in to Suu'suamyth, near the time the first act of sabotage occurred. Within moments they discovered that a group of Vespid matched their criteria and they quickly went to the area, where the winged Xenos resided. With them was another squadron of Fire Warriors, but this proved not to be enough, as they were quickly surrounded. It was revealed that the Vespid had been infected and managed to bring a Genestealer aboard the orbital shipyard. This Patriarch was responsible for then infecting several other members of Suu'suamyth's population. Despite being outnumbered, the investigators and Fire Warriors fought back, but were certain to meet their deaths at the Cult's hands. Suddenly, though, several XV25 Stealthsuits opened fire on the Cult and Patriarch. With their aid the Cult was destroyed, but the investigators realized the Stealthsuits had been sent by the council to follow them. Though the council had ended the investigation, they and the Cult realized that due to Arkady's reputation, she would not stop searching for anyone else infected by the Genestealer. The Cult had hoped to kill her to stop any further search for them and the Council in turn wanted to use her as a lure for the entire Cult to go after. While the Council's tactic was successful, both Arkady and Kau'kartyr resented having been tricked into serving as bait.[1]