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Kalleth was an isolated world in the Nostramo Sector, deep in the ancient heartlands of Nostramo's old fiefdom.[1]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Kalleth Battle of Kalleth.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum[1]
Sector: Nostramo Sector[1]
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: None
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Destroyed 011.M31[1]
Tithe Grade: Unknown


Kalleth's surface featured bleak, icy plains, deep canyons and ice caves. A mass grave of over 400 human and Legionary corpses was found on one of the plains near the crash site of the Shroud of Eventide. Although the planet is listed as destroyed in 011.M31, explorator teams discovered signs that a handful of individuals may have survived in the canyons and caves until at least 017.M31.[1]


The Horus Heresy

During the Horus Heresy, Kalleth was the site of a battle between the Night Lords Legion and the Ashen Claws in 011.M31. An advance squadron of Night Lords vessels led by |Captain Ophion of the Kyroptera was engaged by a dozen cruisers above the planet, both sides landing troops planetside. Although the Ashen Claws were forced to retreat, Ophion's vessel, the Shroud of Eventide, was destroyed and crashed on an ice plain. Fewer than 100 dead crew were found aboard the wreck when it was discovered in 017.M31.[1]

The Scouring of the Nostramo Sector

The Angels Vermillion, the 9th Chapter of the Blood Angels Legion, claimed salvage rights to Kalleth during the Scouring of the Nostramo Sector in 017.M31.[1]

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