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Konrad Molitor

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Konrad Molitor was a Radical Inquisitor.


This page contains spoilers for: Xenos (Novel)

Presumed to be a member of the Ordo Xenos, Molitor broke protocol after the capture of Malahite, a member of the Glaw cabal, by beginning the interrogation without giving Gregor Eisenhorn a chance to interrogate him (as was his right as the person who captured Malahite). Eisenhorn discovered Molitor and his three henchmen stooped over a flayed Malahite, and the confrontation was ended only by Eisenhorn's unwillingness to kill another Inquisitor. When an auto-seance nearly resulted in a daemon destroying the battleship Saint Scythus Molitor was forced to reconsecrate the chapel as penance, as decreed by Inquisitor Lord Rorken. During the purge of 56-Izar Molitor revealed his dark nature by drawing his weapon on Eisenhorn and unleashing his two Arco Flagellants to attack him and steal the primer, a decoding tool needed to decipher the final copy of the Necroteuch. Molitor was killed by Eisenhorn, and his final henchmen was revealed to be the Daemonhost Cherubael.

It was later revealed that Molitor was acting on behalf of his master, the renegade Inquisitor Quixos.


He was tall and athletic with black hair and yellow eyes. He wore a yellow-and-black chequered body suit under a silver breastplate and was armed with a ornate power sword and laspistol.

He had two Arco Flagellants as his henchmen. Cherubael was also disguised as one of his henchman to get close to Eisenhorn.

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