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Kva, nicknamed Who-Is-Divided, was the Chief[2] Rune Priest of the Space Wolves during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

A senior memeber of his Legion, Kva served as the equerry and counselor to Leman Russ himself. During the Battle of the Alaxxes Nebula Kva could not bring the Wolf King out of his depression, and brought in Bjorn in an attempt to achieve what he had failed. He later discovered and captured the Dark Angels infiltrator Ormand aboard the flagship Hrafnkel. [1]

Kva survived the Alaxxes Nebula and maintained a central part of Russ' Einherjar. He accompanied Russ back to Fenris, where he led the ritual at Syrtyr's Door that saw Russ' mind cast into the Warp to try and find a weakness against Horus. Kva, Bjorn, and 7 other Rune Priests took part in the ritual and while Russ was away, all were slain one by one by Daemons. Bjorn was the only survivor, and he and Russ later found Kva's mangled body at the foot of the mountain.[2]