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Mardrug is an infamous Ork Blood Axes Warboss.[1]


In 981.M41 Madrug takes advantage of the devastation on the Forge World of Cantos II left by a Tyranid Splinter Fleet. He sends a crack team of Kommandos and Mekboyz to steal the Warlord Titan Wrath of Caseopea amidst the chaos of the planet’s recovery. The Kommandos shoot their way onboard the Titan, and their attendant Meks manage to jump-start its reactor. However, the Orks have no way of controlling the Wrath of Caseopea’s indignant machine spirit. Disoriented and enraged, the Titan goes on a devastating rampage across the planet before overloading its own reactor. The Kommandos’ mission is a failure, but the devastation caused to a vital forge world is substantial, affecting supply to numerous Imperial war zones.[1]

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