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Masters of the Hunt (Omnibus)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the omnibus. For other uses of Master of the Hunt, see Master of the Hunt (disambiguation).
Masters of the Hunt
Author Various
Publisher Black Library
Released 29 January 2022

Masters of the Hunt is a collection of novels and short stories about the White Scars Space Marine Chapter. It was published by Black Library in January 2022.

Cover description

The White Scars, peerless huntsmen, stalkers of the plains and bearers of the storm's fury, ride out to protect the Imperium from the dark powers of Chaos and the machinations of the foul xenos. Through the teachings of their Primarch, Jaghatai Khan, these warriors temper ferocity with keen wisdom. To face them on one of mankind's myriad battlefields is to know death, for should a survivor escape with their life, they will not do so for long. Kor'sarro Khan, Master of the Hunt, cannot be outrun.[1]