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This page contains spoilers for: Luther: First of the Fallen (Novel)

Morderan was the Dark Angels Chapter's Supreme Grand Master, during late M33 and he was the successor to Alloken.[1a]

During the battle with the Orks of Warboss Zogax da Great, Supreme Grand Master Alloken was slain. The Fallen Angel Cypher appeared and killed the ork, recovering Alloken's relics and returning them to the Dark Angels. Upon becoming the Supreme Grand Master, Morderan met with the Stasis bound traitor Luther and asked him about Cypher, who Morderan believed knew more about the Fallen than Luther did.[1a]

In response, Luther told Morderan to be wary in his pursuit of Cypher and related the story of how he found their Primarch Lion El'Jonson. In the story, Luther offered his hand in friendship to the beast-like Primarch despite his fellow Order Knights wanting to kill El'Jonson. Luther's way led to El'Jonson joining The Order and the future that led to the Dark Angels. Luther finished by stating that Morderan will know nothing of Cypher's intentions, if the Dark Angels killed him out of hand. Morderan would take this to mean the Chapter should capture Cypher and make him an ally. If they did so, Morderan believed that Cypher would lead them to thousands of other Fallen Angels. He then quickly left Luther's cell, even as Luther implored that he could be wrong about capturing Cypher. Luther's stasis reactiving and cutting off his warning mid-sentence.[1a]

Morderan would go on to order the capture of Cypher, but doing so led to disaster and nearly destroyed the Dark Angels. Believing that Luther has manipulated him, Morderan confronted the Luther and placed a Bolt Pistol to Luther's head. He claimed that Luther's poisoned lies would end, but when the bolt pistol fired, it was Morderan who fell dead. The shot having blow his head off. It is unclear if the Grand Master intended to commit suicide, or if Luther was saved by the Watchers in the Dark, who kept the traitor imprisoned. His successors, however, would come to believe that Morderan killed himself, before Luther's lies could consume him.[1b]

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