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One Hate (Short Story)

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One Hate
Author Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Publisher Black Library
Collected in Heroes of the Space Marines

There Is Only War

Cover Description

On the planet Syral the Imperial Guard are fighting a losing battle against the ork hordes. A squad of Crimson Fists arrive at what seems like a critical moment, and they look to be Syral's last chance for salvation. However, the Crimson Fists have other motives, and they will not be deterred from their greater goal.


Renowned as some of the staunchest defenders of humanity, surely it is inconceivable that marines of the Crimson Fists Chapter would ever shrink from bringing death to the Emperor's enemies? In the wake of the Battle of Rynn's World, however, priorities may have changed for these sons of Rogal Dorn. Is the future of the beleaguered Chapter more important than the hate of the foe that provides their honour? On the battlefields of Syral, Chaplain Argo finds himself facing that dilemma.



Crimson Fists
Imperial Guard

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