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Sinopha Station

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Sinopha Station was an Imperial Space Station located at the edge of the Protean Ebb[1a] in the Magulanox Sector.[1b]

At one point the Alpha Legion led an attack on the station. A unit of Chaos Space Marines was delivered to Sinopha Station via a warship known as The Ninth Eye and proceeded to slaughter most of the inhabitants and personnel, leaving a few alive so as to spread fear through the surrounding regions.[1a]

Scout Sergeant Kholka of the White Scars later came to Sinopha Station; the survivors' accounts allowed him to pick up the trail of the warband that had attacked. After tracking the Alpha Legion to the fourth planet of the Cernis System, he and his Scouts alerted Kor'sarro Khan, the Chapter's Master of the Hunt, who was hunting the Chaos Marines' master, the Daemon Prince Kernax Voldorius.[1a]