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Stenius was a Captain of the Dark Angels Legion active during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[Needs Citation]

Born on Terra as opposed to Caliban[4], Stenius was a veteran of many of the Legion's earliest campaigns, his face was covered by the scars of battle. By the time of the Battle of Diamat early in the Heresy, he was the commanding officer of the Dark Angels' flagship Invincible Reason.[1] He later took a commanding role in the Battle of Zepath.[2]

During and after the period of Imperium Secundus, Stenius continued to act as the master of the Invincible Reason. He commanded the vessel during the Battle of Pyrrhan and Second Battle of Davin.[3] Shortly before the Siege of Terra Stenius was charged with destroying traitor homeworlds such as Chemos and Barbarus.[4]