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The Invitation (Short Story)

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The Invitation
Author Dan Abnett
Publisher Black Library
Collected in Tales from the Dark Millennium

Cover Description

There is a mass murderer on Cauldrus. Hired by the planet's governor to find the killer and end their slaughter-spree, headhunter Lowen Tegget travels to the long-dead city of Namogrod. But when Canoness Olga Kamaranz of the Adepta Sororitas arrives, a coterie of Battle Sisters in tow, Tegget realises that this hunt will be the most difficult he has ever performed.


Cauldrus Prime, an Imperial world. Kaerograd, a city of some importance and Namgorod, a ruined city where much of the action takes place.


  • Lowen Tegget - A "Catcher of Men", or bounty-hunter. Equipped with an all-terrain bike, psyber-lures and a hunting las.
  • Pavlov Curtz - Regent of Kaerograd. Despatches Tegget on the hunt and communicates the news that an apparent Battle Sister is causing mass-killings on the world.
  • Canoness Olga Karamanz - Order of Our Martyred Lady. Killed with a blade.
  • Sister Elias - Armed with a storm-bolter. Killed by flame and las-shot.
  • Sister Bernadet - Armed with power sword and flamer; killed by a psyber-lure.
  • Sister-Superior Miriael Sabathiel - ex-Sister of the order, captured and then released by the Emperor's Children and believed to be corrupted. The target of the manhunt. Captures and twists Tegget to her service and ensures the death of the trio of Sisters looking for her. Departs, with Tegget in tow, to hunt Eldar. The only known member of the Adepta Sororitas to have fallen to Chaos, her existence as a traitor is kept secret.