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Tales from the Dark Millennium (Anthology)

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Tales from the Dark Millennium
Author Dan Abnett, Darren-Jon Ashmore, C.S. Goto, Matt Keefe, Mike Lee, Graham McNeill, Steve Parker
Editor Christian Dunn and Marc Gascoigne
Publisher Black Library
Released 2006
Pages 256

Tales from the Dark Millennium is a compilation of short stories set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe edited by Christian Dunn and Marc Gascoigne. It was first published in 2006 by the Black Library. It is based on the card game Dark Millennium by Sabertooth Games.

Cover Description

The Pyrus Reach Sector is under attack from the vast hordes of Chaos, orks and eldar and it falls to the brave defenders of humanity to stem the tide. Many will be called upon to give their lives in the name of the God-Emperor, but is it a price they are willing to pay?


The Falls of Marakross

by Steve Parker

An uprising of heretic cultists on the world of Cordassa brings the Dark Angels Chapter of Space Marines to the world. But is their mission to help the beleaguered defenders of the troubled planet, or do they have their own agenda? Only Interrogator-Chaplain Artemius knows, though Inquisitor Mattius Heiron has his suspicions, and will go to any lengths to learn the truth.


by C.S. Goto

Seven days ago, the Eldar descended upon Orphean Trine. The Swordwind of Craftworld Biel-Tan has swept all before it, with just a single city remaining intact. As the defenders, bolstered by Space Marines of the Dark Angels, prepare to sell their lives dearly in a last stand, a single hope remains: Nyjia, a lone Vindicare Assassin, who waits to get that one, vital, shot.

The Prisoner

by Graham McNeill

The holy warrior-brothers of the Grey Knights escort an inquisitor to the Zhadanok prison complex on Orina Septimus. There, surrounded by the acid-oceans of that dying world, resides a prisoner of inestimable value – a prisoner whose knowledge stretches across ten millennia, a prisoner who is a greater threat than everyone else in the complex combined. His name... Erebus.

The Invitation

by Dan Abnett

A peculiar manhunt is taking place on the world of Cauldrus Prime, not in the least so because it's less of a manhunt and more of a Sisterhunt.

A Balance of Faith

by Darren-Jon Ashmore

On Hyrus Secundus, the dread forces of the Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines bring death and despair to all who encounter them. As Sister Hospitaller and the remnants of the Hyrusian regiment of the Imperial Guard hold back the attackers, buying time to evacuate the remaining civilians, salvation arrives in the form of a single Dark Angels Space Marine.

Gate of Souls

by Mike Lee

The bleak but mineral-rich world of Dirge is home to a deadly secret. Prospectors are dying in droves, but Imperial Guard Colonel Ravin cannot figure out how... until Inquisitor Santos arrives and delivers dread news. The forces of Chaos are descending upon the world, in search of an ancient artefact that is the cause of the planet’s woes... and may doom them all.

Fate's Masters, Destiny's Servants

by Matt Keefe

Ultramarines Captain Elogos follows a strange distress signal that seems to have been sent by a member of his Chapter. Tracking it to a distant world that no Ultramarines have ever visited, he finds a primitive fortress that bears all the hallmarks of the Adeptus Astartes. As they unravel the secret of the world, Elogos and his men realize that their destiny may lie on Elysius.

Tears of Blood

by C.S. Goto

As war engulfs the Perdus Reach sector, a strange destiny entwines Master Kalidian Axryus of the Dark Angels Space Marines and the Eldar of Craftworld Kaelor. As they clash in battle, the seers of Kaelor realize that only the Dark Angels stand between them and horrific demise at the hands of servants of the Dark Gods.