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Uriel Ventris: Volume 2 (Omnibus)

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Uriel Ventris: Volume 2
Author Graham McNeill
Publisher Black Library
Series Ultramarines
Preceded by The Uriel Ventris Chronicles: Volume 1

Uriel Ventris: Volume 2 is a collection of novels and short stories involving Ultramarine Uriel Ventris written by Graham McNeill.

Cover Description

The Ultramarines have been the honourable cornerstone of the Adeptus Astartes throughout their ten thousand year history. Captain Uriel Ventris fights to prove that he is worthy to return to the hallowed ranks of the Chapter after his exile to the Eye of Terror, and that he is free of the insidious taint of Chaos. But as the Iron Warriors move against Ultramar, a grim premonition comes to light: Ventris will have a part to play in the coming war, for good or ill.

The ongoing story of the Ultramarines continues in this eBook omnibus, featuring the novels The Killing Ground, Courage and Honour and The Chapter's Due, as well as exciting short stories from New York Times-bestselling author Graham McNeill.