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The Voice (Short Story)

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The Voice
Author James Swallow
Performer Emma Gregory
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Collected in Tales of Heresy
Length 2 hours 2 minutes

Cover Description

The Black Ships are a mysterious and fearful sight – unmarked vessels that scour the distant reaches of the galaxy, ever watchful for latent psykers and witchbreeds for the monolithic Astra Telepathica. When one such ship, the Validus, is found drifting unpowered in the nightmare realm of the warp, it falls to the Sisters of Silence to uncover the reason behind it. As pariahs capable of blocking even the most potent psychic energy, Amendera Kendel and young Leilani Mollitas ready themselves for the worst...


The Sisters of Silence investigate the disappearance of a Black Ship, full of captured psykers.



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