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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngVostroya
Name: Vostroya Planet-vostroya.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus[4b]
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Vostroya
Population: ~9.3 billion
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Industrial World
Tithe Grade: Exactis Extremis

Vostroya is a world of the Imperium, located in Segmentum Obscurus beyond the Eye of Terror, famous for its Vostroyan Firstborn regiments of the Imperial Guard.[4a][4b]


Vostroya swore allegiance to Mars during the Age of Strife. Since the Great Crusade, Vostroya has acted as an industrial world, supplying arms and ammunition to the armies of the Imperium. In the ten thousand years after the crusade, the Vostroyans have continued the same task, living and dying on the production lines and complying with the endless schedule of manufacturing and assembly.[4a]

During the Horus Heresy, Vostroya refused to provide regiments to the Emperor, preferring instead to reserve the population in the manufactoria blanketing the world. After the Heresy came to an end, the Vostroyans agreed to supply every first born son to serve in the Imperial Guard regiments, to atone for their sins and repay their debt.[4a]

Vostroya technically is neither a hive world nor a forge world. Instead, it falls somewhere in between (labelled an Industrial World). The birth and death rates of 9.3 billion inhabitants are very high, keeping the population figures fairly stable (taking into account that first-born sons are extremely numerous, providing a massive amount of soldiers for the founding and reinforcement of Imperial Guard regiments).[Needs Citation]

Vostroya has suffered many conflicts, including at least eighteen "Great Wars".[2] Within the ruins left by these wars lurks a substantial mutant population, who are hunted by bounty hunters or exterminated in PDF operations.[5b][5c]


The landscape is extremely bleak - highly polluted. Life outside 'managed' zones is almost impossible. Animal and plant life is almost non-existent. Most food is imported.[Needs Citation]

There are seven large and distinct administrative zones/regions stretching around the planet's more temperate equatorial belt (including The Magdan, Sohlsvod and Muskha[1c]). The far colder north and south are uninhabitable. Vostroya has one moon — Turtolsky.[Needs Citation]

Notable Locations

Flora and Fauna


Vostroya is ruled by the Techtriarchs, a council of Adeptus Mechanicus members and more traditional planetary government personnel/representatives.[4a]


Generally Vostroyan males sport a moustache (moustaches are viewed as a sign of adulthood and masculine virility in Vostroyan society). The importance of a moustache for Vostroyan men varies depending on the region they come from. The people of Muskha, for example, place extreme levels of importance on having a moustache. A man without one is considered to be openly rejecting his manhood.[Needs Citation]

The planet also produces a form of cigar, which produces blue smoke when ignited.[5a]


  • ossbohk-vyar: form of hand-to-hand combat (exists in at least 23 "forms")[1b][1d][1e]
  • chevek: outsider, a non-Vostroyan (term is derogatory)
  • rahzvod: A clear alcoholic drink.[1a] There are many varieties depending on region of origin - some are slightly coloured by their ingredients.[Needs Citation]
  • khek: swear word (adv khekking)
  • ohxolosvennoy (ohx'): A thick and salty drink brewed like coffee, described as being made from powdered grox meat with stimms and preservatives added. Manufactured primarily on Vostroya, the Vostroyrian workers swear by it as it is the only thing that helps them through their double shifts.[1b]
  • Shiny: slang for a fresh recruit from training into the Vostroyan Firstborn Regiments, a replacement.[1a]
  • ushehk: seven string instrument played by a bow, the high pitched notes and small sizes might make it similar to a fiddle or violin.[1c]
  • zadnik: derogatory term (noun)

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