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To the left of your screen you find a number of buttons that are together referred to as Navigation buttons and that serve a variety of "navigational" purposes. These buttons will always be there, no matter where you currently are on the Lexicanum.

Please do note that due to advertisement inserts sometimes you will have to scroll down to see all of the navigation buttons.

Do also note that due to the sometimes expansive menus these buttons will take you to only a short overview can be given on this page, you will find more information in the corresponding (and linked-to) articles.

The Navigation buttons

From top to bottom:

  1. Navigation: here you find a number of buttons that will directly take you to specific pages of the Lexicanum
    1. Main page: the entry page into the Lexicanum
    2. Community portal: the Portal for the Lexicanum community
    3. Categories: this brings you to an overview of the categories used in the Lexicanum
    4. Recent changes: this brings you to an overview of the recent changes done to Lexicanum pages
    5. Random page: this brings you to an article randomly chosen by the Lexicanum. Useful for randomly being plunged into areas you didn't even know existed.
    6. Help: here you will find useful articles and help concerning the work in the Lexicanum

  1. Community: This brings you to places beyond the Lexicanum where Lexicanum users and staff hang out
    1. Forum: The project forum. Go here for technical and other issues that cannot be resolved within the scope of the communication possibilities offered within the Lexicanum wiki itself (i.e. the User talk pages and the Discussion pages) and the Discord server.
    2. Discord server: This brings you to the Lexicanum chat channels on Discord. Go here for socializing and if you want to contact users and staff in a more informal way.
  1. Lexicanum wikis: Links to the other Lexicanum wiki projects
  1. Sister sites: Links to the Lexicanum's sister sites
  1. Search: Here you can search for specific content on the Lexicanum
  1. Tools: Different useful tools for using and editing the Lexicanum
    1. Atom: The Atom web feed for Lexicanum
    2. Upload file: This brings you to the page where you can upload media files to the Lexicanum
    3. Special pages: This brings you to the overview of the Lexicanum Special pages which serve many different specific purposes
    4. Printable version: This will print a printer-friendly version of the Lexicanum page you are currently on
  1. In other languages: This will bring you to the German or French language article of the Lexicanum page you are currently on (if it exists)
    1. Deutsch (German)
    2. Français (French)