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White Dwarf 239 (UK)

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White Dwarf 239
Released November 1999
Preceded by White Dwarf 238
Followed by White Dwarf 240


Warhammer 40,000:

  • Imperial Guard - new codex
  • Attenshun! - Jervis Johnson on the new Imperial Guard codex
  • New Catachan Jungle Fighters - new plastic miniatures
  • Glorious Battles of the Imperial Guard - Part One - background
  • Chapter Approved - Battle Statistics, Necrons update, Advanced Mission Selection
  • The Defence of Missile Silo 51 - Battle report, Imperial Guard vs. Orks

Battlefleet Gothic:

  • The Slayer of Worlds - rules for Abaddon and Planet Killer

An overview of the contents for Warhammmer Fantasy Battles can be found here.

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