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White Dwarf 264 (UK)

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White Dwarf 264
Released December 2001
Preceded by White Dwarf 263
Followed by White Dwarf 265


  • Contents, pg. 1
  • New Releses (Lord of the Rings), pgs. 2-3
  • Painting Masterclass: The Cave Troll and Lurtz, Uruk-Hai Captain (Lord of the Rings), pgs. 4-5
  • Special Effects Wizards: An interview with Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop (Lord of the Rings), pgs. 7-12
  • Building a Gaming Board: Creating a small piece of Middle-earth (Lord of the Rings), pgs. 14-15
  • Painting Masterclass: The Escape from Orthanc boxed set (Lord of the Rings), pgs. 18-19


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