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White Dwarf 264 (UK)

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White Dwarf 264
Released December 2001
Preceded by White Dwarf 263
Followed by White Dwarf 265


  • Tactica: Tau Battlesuits (40k) by Pete Haines and Phil Kelly
  • A World of Warriors (40k) - Tau Fire Caste by Graham McNeill
  • The Defense of Iyanden (40k) - Tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken vs Eldar Craftworld Iyanden. by Phil Kelly
  • Index Astartes: Ultramarines (40k) - by Graham McNeill
  • Runes of Forging - Conversion Competition Finale - Aaron Dill featured.
  • Chapter Approved: Imperial Guard Regiments (40k)
  • Sept World Under Attack (pt.2) (40k) - Tau Cityscape
  • Inquisitor Krashnak the Stalker (Inq)
  • High Elves preview (WHF)
  • Games Day Canada 2001
  • Arcane lore (WHF)
  • Warhammer Chronicals (WHF) - Dark Elves
  • Steam Tank Famous Actions (WHF)
  • Battle Report - Armored Might (WHF) - Anthony Reynolds Empire vs Bretonnia
  • Painting Masterclass - (LotR)
  • Interview - Richard Taylor (LotR)
  • Building a Wargames Table (LotR)
  • Painting Masterclass (LotR)

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