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White Dwarf 242 (UK)

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White Dwarf 242
Released February 2000
Preceded by White Dwarf 241
Followed by White Dwarf 243


Warhammer 40,000:

  • What's that in the bushes? - Catachans Codex released
  • Waaagh-fingduffa - Stuart Witter's Ork army
  • Chapter Approved - updated rules for Lictors
  • It's a Jungle out there! - modelling and expanded rules for Jungle terrain
  • Covering Fire! - new Storm Troopers with assault weapons models
  • Jungle Hell - Battle report (Catachans vs. Dark Eldar)

Battlefleet Gothic:

  • Wolf Pack - short story by Gordon Rennie
  • Advanced Rules and Q&A - advanced rules for Torpedo Bombers, Orbital Mines, Fighters, Massed Turret Fire

An overview of the contents for Warhammmer Fantasy Battles can be found here.

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