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White Dwarf 248 (UK)

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White Dwarf 248
Cover Artist Dave Gallagher
Released August 2000
Preceded by White Dwarf 247
Followed by White Dwarf 249


  • Games Workshop News - All the latest happenings at Games Workshop. pg 2
  • Index Astartes - The first in a series, we take a look at the initiation of a Space Marine. pg 22
  • Games Workshop Stores - What's going on in your local Games Workshop Store. pg 76
  • Games Workshop Stockists - Where can you find our independant stockists. pg 102
  • Mail Order - Brand new deals from the Mail Order Trolls and all the new releases. pg 137
  • WARZONE TEMPESTORA - The forces of the Imperium battle against the Ork hordes for possession of Hive Tempestora. This huge multi-table battle is so big it concludes next month.
  • The Third War got Armageddon - The fate of an entire world rests in your hands. pg 6
  • In Defence of Armageddon - The saviour of Hades Hive is back! pg 30
  • The Armageddon Steel Legions - The history of Armageddon's Imperial Guard regiments. pg 32
  • Jantine Patricians - Dave Taylor shows off his new Imperial Guard army. pg 38
  • The Warrior Aspect - We dig into the culture of the Eldar Aspect Warriors, pg 40
  • The Ghost in the Machine - Phil Kelly collects the Ghost Warriors of Iyanden. pg 45
  • Enter the Dragon - We take a look at the Dragons of the Warhammer world. pg 57
  • Battle of Gaping Moor - Rick Priestley presents a new Warmaster scenario. pg 64
  • The Woods of Gaping Moor - Nick Davis shows us how he made the terrain. pg 66
  • The Millenium Battle - A report on the 200 South East Asian Grand Tournament. pg 72
  • The Powers That Be - Jonathon Green looks at Greater Daemons. pg 84
  • Demon Painting - The first in series of articles from past Golden Demon winners. pg 92
  • Heroic Actions of the Land Raider - Four tales of epic heroism. pg 93
  • Painting Warmaster Orcs - Rick Priestley gives us his tips on painting an Orc and Goblin horde. pg 98
  • Designs on a Sentinel - A look at the versatility of the Imperial Guard Sentinel. pg 108

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