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White Dwarf 482

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White Dwarf 482
Released November 2022
Preceded by White Dwarf 481
Followed by White Dwarf 483


Contact! Letters and painted models from our readers.

Worlds of Warhammer You’ve got to ask yourself one question: how will you pick your new army for 2023? Andy Clark provides us with a decision map to help you work out how to conquer the galaxy!

Inside the Studio Stuff we’ve painted and games we’ve played!


- Galactic Warhosts: Darktide A modelling and painting article, including conversion guides, inspired by the new first-person action game: Darktide! Will you explore Tertium Hive?

- Echoes from the Warp Robin Cruddace takes a subjective look at objectives and their role, and the impact they can have, in your games.

- Flashpoint Nephilim: Necrons Army of Renown New rules enable you to field a new type of Necron army – the Cult of the Cryptek. Provides Necrons players with new rules, 6 Warlord Traits, 6 Cryptek Arkana, and 8 Stratagems.


- Flashpoint Rondhol: Brutish Momentum Targug the Cleaver leads his piratical ogors to join the ongoing war in Rondhol.

- Paint Splatter Want to join Ka-rokk’s Waaagh!? Here are painting guides for Da Choppas! in both Contrast and Classic styles to Battle Ready and Parade Ready levels.

- Flashpoint Clash: Sins of the Forebears The Lumineth must defend the Doomstretch from Tzeentch’s twisted minions in this new Campaign Arc which introduces Realm Rules and a Battleplan as these two archenemies clash in the Realm of Light.


- Column of Iron Three new Age of Darkness missions featuring the mighty Predator tank. Will you prove your mettle, and wipe out the enemies metal in these missions, Superior Firepower, Line Breakers, and Hunter Killers.


- Kill Team Engage! Five kill teams on an expedition. In Spaaaaace!

- Adapt or Die A short story in which a Kinband of Kroot flees from the Imperial Navy. Yet could it be a cunning ruse?

- The Lure Three new narrative missions to add extra depth to your games for Kill Team: Into the Dark. But, will you take the bait?


- Battle Report: Twisted Route The Horns of Hashut invade the poisoned lands of the Rotmire Creed in this visually stunning battle report set in the heart of Ghur.

- Warcry Dashboard Make a handy gaming aid for Warcry. This insightful article tells you how.

- The Bladeborn Return New rules for fielding two Warhammer Underworlds warbands in your games of Warcry. Entering from the Gnarlwood, the Slaves to Darkness' Gnarlspirit Pack and the Soulblight Gravelords' Sons of Velmorn step forth toward the heart of Ghur itself.


- Glory Points You’ve played Warhammer Underworlds using the Rivals rules. Now, it's time to try Nemesis! Dave Sanders talks about exploring new and innovative ways to play Warhammer Underworlds with a deep dive on the new Nemesis format.


- Necromunda Underdogs Three new scenarios for desperate, Underdog, gangs.


- 'Eavy Metal Brush Tips The ’Eavy Metal team's Max Faleij takes us through a detailed discussion and guides about painting the Leagues of Votann's Greater Thurian League and Ûthar The Destined.

- Black Library Lessons of Rorphax The Tome Keepers are back in this short story about the newly reforged 5th Company.