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White Dwarf 71 (2015)

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White Dwarf 71
Cover of the eBook version
Released 6 June 2015
ISBN ISBN 9781782538486
Preceded by White Dwarf 70
Followed by White Dwarf 72


  • Opening Salvo
  • Space Marines - Devastator Squad; Space Marine Battleforce, Blood Angels Battleforce; Dark Angels Battleforce - new miniatures and sets
  • Plague Harvest (Novella) - re-release in hardback
  • Asurmen: Hand of Asuryan (Novel) - First Edition - new novel
  • Codex: Space Marines (7th Edition) - new codex
  • Codex: Space Marines - Limited Editions - limited editions of a new codex
  • Datacards: Space Marines - new product
  • Forge World - Legion Deimos-Pattern Vindicator - new model
  • Paint Splatter - how to paint Ultramarines Devastators
  • Insignium Astartes - about the colours and insignia of the Adeptus Astartes
  • Golden Demon 2014 - Dragon Slayer (WHFB)
  • Theatre of War - Tactical Objectives for the Salamanders Chapter
  • The Week in White Dwarf - Deploying the Angels of Death; Applying Transfers; The Flesh is Weak; Blanchitsu!
  • Weapon of the Week - Banshee Swarm (WHFB)
  • Bit of the Week - Venus Mantrap
  • Reader's Model of the Week - Chaos Sorcerer (WHFB)
  • Codex: Apocrypha Extra
  • Ask Grombrindal - Grombrindal asked about the Necrons and 'The End Times'
  • White Dwarf's Regiments of Renown - Da Purple Shroomies, the Night Goblin tribe (WHFB)

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