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White Dwarf 25 (2014)

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White Dwarf 25
Cover of the eBook version
Released July 2014
ISBN ISBN 9781782535539
Preceded by White Dwarf 24
Followed by White Dwarf 26


  • Opening Salvo
  • Realms of Battle - Sector Imperialis - new terrain
  • Orks - Badrukk's Flash Gitz
  • Orks - Da Vulcha Sqwad - new miniatures set
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance starter - revised edition for 7th Edition of Warhammer 40'000
  • Imperialis - Basing Kit - new accessories
  • The Damnation of Pythos (Novel) - upcoming new Novel of the Horus Heresy
  • Dark Vengeance (Novella) - re-release
  • The Conquest of Valmar - battle report of Chaos Space Marines vs Dark Angels and Gerantius Imperial Knight
  • Hall of Fame - River Trolls (WHFB)
  • The Great Crusade - about painting and modeling miniatures of the Horus Heresy period
  • Paint Splatter - advices on painting new Sector Imperialis set
  • Designers Notes - about creating and designing of Sector Imperialis set
  • This Week in White Dwarf - War in the Concrete Jungle, The Battle of Valmar, Flash Grots and more
  • Did You Know?
  • Weapon of the Week - Skarsnik's Prodder (WHFB)
  • Bit of the Week - The Road to Nowhere (WHFB)
  • Codex: Apocrypha Extra
  • Reader's Model of the Week - Nurgle Lord (WHFB)
  • Ask Grombrindal - Grombrindal asked about Vampires (WHFB)
  • The Whit Dwarf Parade Ground

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