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White Dwarf 22 (2014)

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White Dwarf 22
Cover of the eBook version
Released 28 June 2014
ISBN ISBN 9781782535508
Preceded by White Dwarf 21
Followed by White Dwarf 23


  • Opening Salvo
  • Orks - Meganobz, Big Mek in Mega Armour, Trukk Boyz, Deff Rolla Battlewagon, Deff Dread Mob - new miniatures and sets
  • Waaagh! Ghazghkull - A Codex: Orks Supplement (7th Edition) - New Codex Supplement
  • Overfiend (Anthology) - review of a new book and interview with its author David Annandale
  • Warhammer: Visions 6 review
  • Codex Apocrypha - about this article
  • War Diary - armies on Parade 2014
  • Da Meganobz Challenge - test of the new released miniatures against various enemy units
  • Sprues and Glue - creating various Ork Nob teams
  • Paint Splatter - advices on painting a Big Mek in Mega Armour
  • Designer Notes - article about designing of the new Meganobz miniatures
  • This Week in White Dwarf - above Meganobz and more
  • Reader's Model of the Week - Wraithknight
  • 'Gaze of the Inquisition - about the Wood Elves (WHFB)
  • Preparing for War
  • Ask Grombrindal - Grombrindal asked about his battle friends
  • Weapon of the Week - The Curseling's Blade (WHFB)
  • Codex Apocrypha
  • Bit of the Week - Moon Head (WHFB)
  • Hobby in the White Dwarf Bunker

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