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White Dwarf 84 (2015)

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White Dwarf 84
Cover of the eBook version
Released 5 September 2015
ISBN ISBN 9781782538615
Preceded by White Dwarf 83
Followed by White Dwarf 85


  • The Host Descends - introduction (AoS)
  • Stormcast Eternals - Prosecutors; Knight-Azyros; Khight-Venator; Knight Excelsior Upgrades; Celestial Warbringers Upgrades - new miniatures and upgrades (AoS)
  • Order Battletome: Stormcast Eternals - new battletome (AoS)
  • Limited Edition - Stormcast Eternals - collected limited edition of a new battletome (AoS)
  • Ahriman: Unchanged (Novel) - new novel
  • Ahriman: Exodus (Anthology) - new anthology
  • Warhammer End Times: Vermintide - new PC, Xbox One and PS4 game (WHFB)
  • Summoning the Stormhost - miniatures fot Stormcast Eternals army (AoS)
  • Forge World - Ultramarines Invictarus Suzerains Squad - new miniatures
  • Battleplan - Martial Contest - AoS
  • Sprues and Glue - tips for building and conversing the Stormcast Eternals (AoS)
  • Armies on Parade 2015 - examples of a beatifully painted armies: A Vessel of Putrescence (AoS), Destroyer of Daemons - Nemesis Dreadknight; 20'000 Years of Warfare (Warhammer 40'000)
  • Warscrolls - Prosecutors; Knight-Azyros; Khight-Venator (AoS)
  • The Week in White Dwarf - The Golden Hosts of Azyrheim; Weapons of Prosecution; Lantern and Beacon: Lights in the Dark (AoS)
  • Munitorum Report: Prosecutors (AoS)
  • Reader's Model of the Week - Knight Paladin of House Terryn
  • Instrument of the Week - Squigpipes and Cymbals (AoS)
  • Bit of the Week - Attack Rat (AoS)
  • Codex: Apocrypha Extra
  • All Forged as One - building Stormcast Eternals
  • Ask Grombrindal - Grombrindal asked about Slaanesh missing from AoS
  • White Dwarf's Regiments of Renown - Death Company and Death Company Dreadnought known as Brother Uriah

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