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Imperial Jetbike

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Imperial jetbikes were sleek craft utilizing anti-grav technology, and were commonly used by the Space Marine Legions during the Great Crusade. After the Horus Heresy however, the ability to produce them was eventually lost and now only one Imperial jetbike is known to exist.

Great Crusade and Horus Heresy period

A "Bullock" Jetbike used by the White Scars.[3]

Imperial jetbikes were common among the Space Marine Legions during the Great Crusade and the Heresy, typically operated by Sky Hunter Squadrons[4]. The last known version was the Mk14 'Bullock' jet-cycle, equipped with integrated auto-drive, and additionally, some were equipped with bio-scanners, energy-scanners, communicators, and auto-aim devices linked to the vehicle's weapons. Standard weapons were twin forward-firing bolters and could seat a single rider. The jet-cycle was capable of both flight and hover modes, and could be used in aerial-drop separation tactics (dropping out of drop ships before the ships land).[5]

Modern Imperium

The technology used in the production of these jetbikes has long since been lost to the Imperium. The only jetbike known to survive into the 41st Millennium is Corvex, used by the Grand Master of the Ravenwing company of the Dark Angels chapter, currently Sammael.[2]

Jetbikes and their technology are now distrusted by the imperium as being alien and inhuman, particularly in the examples of the Eldar and Tau. Sammael's jetbike was built to the highest standards, mounting a plasma cannon and twin-linked storm bolters. It is possible that some Second Founding chapters of the Dark Angels maintain other examples of jetbikes in their armouries or vaults.[2]

The Adeptus Custodes still operate Jetbike formations, notably the Vertus Praetors who ride atop Dawneagle Pattern Bikes.[6]

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